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Pâtisserie Carvin Déli Inc. is a plant that innovates in the field of manufacturing pastries and cookies.


Here is our range of pastries


Here is the list of our major distributors :

Deli Chef (Ouest Canadien)
Distribution Regitan (Ville St-Laurent, Québec)
Montréal et Toronto
  • L’Heureux
  • Charcuterie La Bicoise
  • Distribution Regitant - Mc Sweeney (Calgary)

Distributors in the United States :

Operative Cake Corporation (New-Jersey)


Pâtisserie Carvin Deli Inc

The head office
375, 9eme Avenue, Richmond
(Quebec) Canada J0B 2H0
Phone : 819.826.2217

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Pâtisserie Carvin Déli Inc. is a synonym of freshness. Our pastries are made with the finest ingredients. Whether for breakfast, snack or dessert they will charm you.

Most procedure to make our pastries are done the old fashion way.

Try them and you cannot go on without them. They are irresistable.